Club President

April 30, 2009

Etchelle Cricket Club

April 16, 2009

The Etchelle Cricket Club formed in 2009 by Mr. Rahul Chawla in Mauritius. The Club is going to play a 20 -20 Tournament with other club in Mauritius at Vacoa Gymkhana Cricket Ground which is going to start in May – June.

Club is expanding rapidly with new members joins it from time to time. All are members are very much excited about their first tournament and are very much confident about their wining.


Here is the Member list of the players.

Cricket Team

  1. Jason Barry ( Vice Captain/Wicket Keeper)
  2. Dr. Singh  
  3. Kamal  
  4. Neeraj Singh
  5. Krishna
  6. NP.saravanan 
  7. Prajit
  8. Sachin 
  9. Bhawesh
  10. Shailendra
  11. Hitarth
  12. Anil Jeloka
  13. Mike Read
  14. Gurinder Walia
  15. Mandeep Singh
  16. Rahul Chawla (Captain)
  17. Dwitil
  18. Akshay
  19. Richard Creswell
  20. Harpunit
  21. Romi Walia